Hank Harper- Concepts V01

Excited to finally share some character concepts that I made for the game "Westworld: Awakening".

Our goal was to develop an intense and visually realistic survival horror experience where you are constantly being hunted by the psychotic cowboy, Hank Harper. The mechanic works similar to the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation.

My goal was to design an antagonist who was physically and psychologically terrifying.

Damon woods hh hex v02 lastgen

Early on in production, we explored several avenues for how to portray Hank's face. We knew that we wanted him to have some sort of facial scaring or damage.

Damon woods hh hex v01 lastgen

Sticking with Westworld cannon, we explored the possibility of his body being mechanical underneath (Gen 1 Hosts) or organic (Current gen Hosts)

Damon woods hh hex v02

Exploring damage left by acid burns

Damon woods hh hex v01
Damon woods facialdisfig

Exploring the possibility of disease or burning

Damon woods scarpatterns

Exploring facial scars left by sharp objects

Damon woods facialhair
Damon woods aristocrat cropped

The back story is that he was once a handsome and regal man of influence who turned to evil after some sort of dramatic event

Damon woods 01 cowboy body 01

We soon pivoted to a more rough looking cowboy after some feedback from HBO

Damon woods bountyhunter wip01

Some first pass 3d mockups that I made for potential outfits